Odd Duck Farm

Easton, NY

Tammy L. Thomas

(518) 692-9007

P.O. Box 139
Schuylerville, NY 12871



Overlooking the Hudson River to the west, with a distant view of the monument commemorating the turning point of the American Revolution, Odd Duck Farm is one of the premier Brown Swiss breeding farms in the northeast. Spanning over 600 acres of pasture, agricultural fields, streams and woods, Odd Duck Farm, a Certified Organic Dairy Farm, is aligned with The Thomas Farm to the east and managed by Lloyd and Tammy Thomas. Our cows and bulls are happy as they are grazed outside most of the year, weather permitting.

100% Grass fed (never grain or corn) and grazed on organic pastures, steers from Odd Duck Farm have had no hormone injections, no antibiotic injections, no exposure to pesticides or herbicides and are not fed genetically modified feed. They are grazed outside, year round, in the beautiful natural pastures of Washington County. Brown Swiss steers from Odd Duck Farm are the choice of the health conscious beef consumer. Visit the Beef Sales Section of our website to learn more.

Odd Duck and its predecessor farms have been Washington County dairy and sheep farms for over 151 years. Located in Easton, NY the farm is committed to philosophy and practices of organic dairy farming and focuses on the Brown Swiss breed which originated in Switzerland and the Braunvieh breed www.braunvieh.com.

The Brown Swiss foundation herd was purchased on a highly selective basis. The primary focus of the farm is to breed new calves through carefully managed genetic selection. Some of the elite herd are shown annually and have been recipients of many first place awards.

Odd Duck Farm sells calves and heifers for show and for milk production. Even the best are offered for sale. Bulls are sold as oxen, service bulls and are raised as steers to be sold as organically raised, grass fed beef. See the Beef Section of this website for more information.

Along with the natural beauty of the land, Odd Duck Farm includes three rental homes and a fully enclosed, well-ventilated 38 pen calf barn. Depending on age, size of calf and weather, the Brown Swiss are moved to outside pastures with a beautifully restored barn where breeding age heifers are artificially and naturally inseminated. When confirmed pregnant and within one month calving, the heifers are relocated to The Thomas Farm.

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